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Virtual Residency Pilot Program|How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Clinical Psychology| NIH


We were selected to be one out of five participants throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area to be a part of a “Virtual Residency Pilot Program”.

As The National Institutes of Health’s Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Consortium to Advance Health Equity and Researcher Diversity (AIM-AHEAD) continues to grow, so does the need for science outreach and communication.

On behalf of the (NIH) & Georgetown University, we were tasked with documenting the impact of how “Artificial Intelligence impacts clinical psychology in underrepresented communities”. Joelle Fuchs a Clinical Psychology doctoral student at the University of Maryland shared her thoughts on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and the future of Health Equity.

top dogs introduction


Top Dogs is a documentary series highlighting the most successful minority business owners and leaders. The show was created to highlight entrepreneurs who are making positive changes in their communities. This series is a production created by Bluebox Visions to shine a light on those who are influencing others and transforming their communities with their efforts. Top Dogs will show how success is a goal anyone can achieve. The show is designed to encourage entrepreneurship in minority communities to promote the positive effects of building one’s wealth.

Top Dogs Episode 1

Stokey Cannady


Welcome to the First Episode of Top Dogs Baltimore. The First episode with Stokey Cannady. A positive trailblazer in the city of Baltimore,  community leader/Activist, and former mayoral candidate who came from the inner city streets of Baltimore turned his life around & did a full 360.

This is Stokey’s story!